Welcome to Lick Your Lips Importers.                               

    If you new to our Company we are Importers and distributors of Sweets and Confectionary to Retail Shops within South Africa.

                         We are your one stop supplier of Jelly Sweets, Nolvelty Sweets, Chocolates, Bulk Sweets,  Jelly beans, Beechies chewing Gum  and more ...

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To order for your shops please call us on 011 083 7099 !!!         Do you want bags of 1 kg bulk sweets delivered at your residential home .............. 

  Click on the Online sweet button top right........                                                 We supply Beechies for South Africa ................buy straight from the Importer  ......... 

Our sweets are unique .......                                                           we are one of the biggest suppliers of JELLY BEANS in South Africa.

Our products are Imported into South Africa and then distributed into the Retail Stores country wide  !!! 

                                                Try our Choc peannuts ............

We stock ............         All Butter Fudge  !!!  Quality Bulk Sweets !!!  Candy Toys !!! and Love Hearts.

We concentrate on customer satisfaction, Pricing and Service and get our products onto the retail floors fast and effectively.

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Look out for Lick Your Lips branded products  in the Retail Shops  ...............    Have you tried our Imported lines  ..... call us NOW ....!!!

        Our distribution network is throughout South Africa with Free delivery when ordering fifteen or more boxes of any product  !!!

Try our range of fast selling snack lines ..... !!!                   We Import Jelly Beans .... LOVE HEARTS ...... BULK SWEETS ...... BEECHIES ..... into South Africa.

Email us your order and we will process the order very quickly.......               Try our Glow Stick Popping Candy !!! 

To order please call us on 011 083 7099 !!!                  We will get the stock to you quickly ........

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Our  SWEETS are different and unique and creative for the market  !!! 

Our products are Imported into South Africa and then distributed into the Retail Stores  !!!      Try our new Jelly Beans !!!  seven different colours....

We focus on the top of the range quality Novelty products and all types of Sweets ... and Bubble Gum  !!!  

Try our Giant straws !!!  rated as the Best sweet in South Africa !!! 



Products will be shipped for free within South Africa, if the total

................. of the order exceeds any fifteen boxes of product. Should the total boxes purchased be less than fifteen boxes then a fixed delivery fee of R 250 excluding V.A.T will be charged automatically. Delivery of goods will only take place once payment has been made in full and the funds are cleared in Lick Your Lips Importers Bank account
Deliveries will be scheduled to leave our offices during normal working days only. Deliveries can sometimes be delayed from time to time as we utilize different methods of delivery depending on your location.

Normally within South Africa you should receive your products within one to seven working days after payment has been cleared. If orders are placed with our sales reps in person (face to face), within the company's call cycle. These orders will be delivered for free no matter the quantity ordered.